New opportunities are emerging in the rotary kiln market
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2018-02-31 New opportunities are emerging in the rotary kiln market»
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New opportunities are emerging in the rotary kiln market

In early 2018, cement prices rose for the first time in Guangdong market, represented by China Resources Cement, China Everbright Cement and Taini (Yingde), this is the first round of price rise in 2018 and continues the rising price trend of the cement industry at the end of 2017.
Increasing contradiction between supply and demand boosts rise in cement prices. Affected by the limited production for environmental protection, the off-peak production in northern area and "limits on earthwork", off-season comes in the northern area, both supply and demand reduced accordingly, but the supply compression is greater than the reduction in demand. The demand gap caused by the limited production needs to be supplemented by cement production in the region around the river.
This also brings significant increase in demand for cement equipment in domestic, of which the cement rotary kiln, as a major equipment, will be demanded greatly. For example, Evergreen Company has acquired the existing two cement production lines of wet process and dry process from Jiangxi Sanhuan, and adding a new production line will further expand its production capacity and increase its scale.
As a large manufacturer of rotary kiln in China, NHI actively participate in domestic projects on the one hand, and pay attention to the foreign market on the other hand. With the large-scale infrastructure construction in foreign countries, cement plant has become an indispensable industry. NHI will aim at this large rotary kiln market.
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