NHI seize big market share by high quality
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2017-12-11 NHI seize big market share by high quality»
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NHI seize big market share by high quality

In the context of “one belt one road” national strategy and “more intelligent & stronger” Chinese manufacturing goal. As mining equipment manufacturers, NHI bears the national industrial development mission to keep to transport the " made in Liaoning "products of high quality to the whole world. 

In 2017, NHI Group has successively signed a number of project contracts, including Mozambique's cement grinding station project with annual output of 250,000 tons, 6 sets of earth pressure balance shield machine of 6.6m diameter exported to Turkey, which help the company further expand the international and domestic markets and the sales grow 140% over the same period of last year.
Excellent quality is the premise of the sale. NHI take effective measures to reinforce design control, enforce processing discipline, strengthen inspection and continuously improve product quality.
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