Safe Operation Rules Of Apron Feeder
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Safe Operation Rules Of Apron Feeder

In general, the apron feeder is one of the important parts in EPC companies. The apron feeder is the auxiliary equipment of transportation machinery. The apron feeder is mainly used in mammoth mill, cement, building materials and etc. The apron feeder could be used as stock bin to feed materials to primary breaker. The safe operation rules of apron feeder are as follows:
1. Before starting the apron feeder, some sundries such as iron should be checked to avoid the apron feeder of getting stuck by these sundries.
2. Some crushed aggregates should be placed in stock bin before starting without load. 
3. Some related person should check whether there is crack in scraping belt and there is looseness of connecting screw.
4. After starting the apron feeder, the operator should pay attention to the speed of the mineral. If the bigger ores appear, the operator should stop the equipment avoiding the blocking of the mouth.
5. After receiving the stop signal, the transporting of materials should be stopped until the feeding signal comes.
6. The lubricant passage way should be checked carefully to find out the break and crack condition of pipeline.
7. The motor and drive bearing should be checked in regular period. And after starting the motor, the operator should listen to the sound of motor to check whether there is abnormal occurrence.
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