The Failure Causes Of Reclaimer
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The Failure Causes Of Reclaimer

The main faults of reclaimer focus on the bucket-wheel and running mechanism. The bucket-wheel component of each reclaimer includes reclaiming hopper, wheel body, rollaway nest, chain wheel, tension device, actuating device, supporting roll, side roll, supporting wheel of trolley. The main fault form is the sharp wear of supporting wheel and supporting roll. The reasons and solutions are as follows:
The water content of materials is large. The freezing of base and material pile would result in the rapid change of materials. The solution is making the reasonable proportion to the dry and wet materials, reducing the freezing of materials base. 
If the clearance adjustment check is not done timely, the interval will be over the standard. 
The solution is measuring the interval in regular time. If there is something wrong, we should arrange the related persons to make adjustment or make replacement. 
The rollaway nest surface evenness of wheel body exceeds the standard, which is also one of the reason. The solution is making change according to the usage period. 
If the interval between travelling frame structure and travelling wheel could not be checked timely, the wear would lead to the failure of standard. The solution is making change according to the usage period.
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