How Does The Steel Wire Rope Influence The Conveyor Belt
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How Does The Steel Wire Rope Influence The Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belt is the bearing carrier and traction component of the belt conveyor(not including steel wire rope traction). The conveyor belt should have the carrying capacity and enough strength of extension. The framework and coating make up the conveyor belt. The coating is divided into upper cover glue, edging glue, and below glue. The framework of conveyor belt is made up of various fabrics or steel wire ropes, which are the backbone layers of belt bearing the total load of working. In this way, the core materials of belt should have enough strength and stiffness. The coating is used to protect the core materials from damage of harmful medium. The upper cover glue is thick, which is the bearing layer of conveyor belt. It directly contacts the materials and bears the impact of materials. The below glue is a contacting layer of belt and idler, which bears pressure. In order to reduce the resistance, the below glue layer is thin. The edging glue could protect the belt core material from mechanical damage. The steel wire rope's quality is the main factor determining the service life of conveyor belt. It should has following features:
The steel wire rope should have the high rupture strength. The core layer and rubber should have higher adhesive force, which has important meaning to the vulcanized joint. The fatigue resistance should be adopted by the steel wire rope. Besides, the steel wire rope should have better flexibility. 
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