How To Solve The Fluffiness Of Contact Surface Between Riding Wheel And Tyre
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How To Solve The Fluffiness Of Contact Surface Between Riding Wheel And Tyre

During the operation of rotary kiln, the fluffiness phenomenon of contact surface between riding wheel and tyre will appear. If this problem could not be solved in time, worse problem will occur. The reasons are as follows:
The bad contact and large specific pressure will lead to the problem. When the center line of supporting wheel inclines seriously, the riding wheel and tyre could not get the uniform contact. Sometimes, the strained condition is different. Some location gets large pressure while other locations get small pressure. The contact surface width between riding wheel and tyre is small in actual production, which would result in the damage of surface. At the moment, the riding wheel should be adjusted to reduce the inclination degree and increase the contact area with tyre. 
When the riding wheel receives the large radial pressure, the specific pressure between riding wheel and tyre becomes large. So we should reduce the pressure of riding wheel in time. Because of poor mobility, the riding wheel would lift. Once the rotary kiln plays, the lifting space of tyre and rotary kiln could be scabbled with lathe tool, keeping the flexibility of barrel. 
The increasing of sliding friction and false adjustment would result in this problem. The sliding friction would lead to the wear of supporting piece. If the center line of riding wheel is adjusted to splayed, the adverse force would damage the surface. We should adjust the riding wheel.
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