The Bucket Selection Of Bucket Wheel Excavator
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The Bucket Selection Of Bucket Wheel Excavator

The bucket of bucket wheel excavator should complete the three operations including incision, loading, evacuation during the rotation. The bucket should have enough strength and stiffness in order to support the reaction of materials. When loading the materials, we should let the materials flow into the bucket smoothly. At the same time, the materials should fill in the space of bucket, not creating the large extrusion force. Because if the extrusion force is too large, the adsorption capacity between bucket wall and materials will become large, which will result in the spillage of materials. 
The structure and parameters of bucket greatly influence the operation effect. They should meet the following requirements.
1. One is in favor of the flow of materials. The flange and corner angle are not set in the inner wall of bucket. The longitudinal profile is suitable for the motion law of various materials. 
2. The materials are easy to be uploaded fully.
3. In order to make materials in bucket difficult to dump, the proportion between width of bucket and grain size of materials should be over 4. If the grain size of materials is over 50, the particle size could be ignored. 
Considering above conditions, we should select the following bucket structure in the picture. 
The installation and connection of bucket teeth adopts rubber pin. The structure diagram is as follows:
1 - bayonet lock  2 - rubber bayonet lock  3 - toothholder  4 - bucket teeth
At present, the strip mine develops to the direction of large scale. According to the market demands, we choose the bucket wheel excavator to coordinate the other equipment such as belt conveyor, apron feeder, crushing machine. However, the bucket is one important component of bucket wheel excavator. So we should choose the suitable bucket for the bucket wheel excavator. 
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