How Do Factors Of Magnetic Separator Influence The Magnetic Separation Effect
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How Do Factors Of Magnetic Separator Influence The Magnetic Separation Effect

There are many factors influencing the magnetic separation effect. The below are some factors from the magnetic separator itself.
1. The rotational speed of barrel of magnetic separator.
2. The deflection of the magnetic system
3. The working clearance(the separation between barrel and basal)
4. The separation of concentrate discharged
The rotate speed of magnetic separator has influence on the magnetic separation effect. In generally, the magnetic separator with small diameter adopts high rotating speed. For example, the magnetic separator with diameter of 600mm adopts 36rpm. The rotating speed of magnetic separator has great influence on processing capacity. The high speed means good processing capacity, which could influence the quality of concentrate.
The deflection of the magnetic system also influences the effect of magnetic separation. Too large or too small deflection is not good for the magnetic separation effect. If the deflection is small, the materials with weak magnetism will be selected, which would reduce the tailings grade. If the deflection is large, the quality of concentrate will be good, however, which reduce the recovery. In generally, the magnetic declination is adjusted between 15-20 degrees.
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