Belt conveyor model selection
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Belt conveyor model selection

Belt conveyor is widely used in the material handling system especially with stacker Reclaimer. There are two types of model selection of belt conveyor. In the first condition, belt conveyor is used along with specific complete equipment. In this case, the possibility of use in the specific condition should be considered. In the other condition, belt conveyor is used as the general equipment. Then the components of belt conveyor should be selected through calculation in order to make sure the belt conveyor can be used in different condition.

There are two phases when designing the belt conveyor. Preliminary design and detail design.

In preliminary design, the following input should be supplied.

1.Length of belt conveyor.

2.Installation inclination of belt conveyor.

3.Design capacity.

4.Density of material.

The following calculation can be done during preliminary design.

1.Calculation of capacity and belt width of belt conveyor.

2.Calculation of running resistance and belt tension.

3.Calculation of perpendicularity and strength.

4.Calculation of traction and drive power.

The advantage of belt conveyor is large capacity and less running resistance. The power consumption of belt conveyor is around 1/3-1/5 of the scraper conveyor. Material is moving along with belt so that less crumbliness can be achieved. Because of the simple structure and manpower saving, belt conveyor is widely used in Chinese industries as well as the international. 

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