New Development Aim NHI competes to make innovation
2018-01-10 NHI enhance intelligent equipment upgrade»
2018-01-02 Mining machinery industry to help realize the Chinese Dream»
2017-12-11 NHI seize big market share by high quality»
2017-10-21 Gathering intelligent manufacturing powers and Boost Northeast revitalization»
2017-08-26 How to better carry out the routine check of high magnetic separator»
2017-08-18 Larger Scale Unit And Environment Protection The Development Tendency Of Mining Equipment»
2017-08-11 The Cooperation of NHI and China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Company On Exploring One Belt One Road Market»

New Development Aim NHI competes to make innovation

In the new year, many EPC companies decide to make great achievement in most projects. For large equipment field, the companies are speeding up the research and development of new product and also the upgrading of the old products. The overseas market is the hot issue and aim for the most companies. So the overseas market network construction is carried out quickly by NHI. NHI is promoting the globalization marketing, setting up bases in Chile, Australia, India, and etc. In this way, after-sales service system in overseas has been completed, which realizes the short distance service, localization service, optimization of resource allocation, and overall arrangement in overseas. NHI is trying to perfect the overseas development, increase the market share in international market and realize the export aim of 5 billion dollars.
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