The Great Breakthrough in Tailings Recovery
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The Great Breakthrough in Tailings Recovery

From 2013 year, NHI has put forward "preconcentration, suspended magnetizing roast, regrinding magnetic separation" this process and technology. The related person made weak magnetic hematite limonite and spathic iron change into ferromagnetic iron mineral through magnetism beneficiation. Then through fine grinding magnetic separation, the tailings resource could be uses effectively. Before, if the grade of iron is about 10.5%, the tailings would be the waste. However, the new technology could make the grade of iron of tailings reduce to 6.5%, which make the resource utilization rate of iron ore increase by 15%. At the same time of effective utilization, the tailings discharged by ore industry could be reduced by over 10%. This is a great breakthrough for the magnetic separator field.
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