NHI enhance intelligent equipment upgrade
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NHI enhance intelligent equipment upgrade

NHI will strengthen the "top-level design", establish an intelligent work organization system, and integrate advantageous resources of enterprises to form a unified research and development platform.
Speed up single intelligent upgrade: Embed intelligent control technology within products for the intelligent information processing, intelligent information feedback and intelligent control decisions.
Transform to intelligent complete set of equipment: Based on intelligent logistics and smart manufacturing, we provide targeted professional overall solution about complete set of intelligent lifting equipment, intelligent yard systems, intelligent cement machinery, intelligent bulk handling equipment, etc.
Actively provide intelligent services: By means of the development and application of information and control technology, to achieve equipment monitoring, collection and analysis of operation data and remote diagnosis and control for the equipment of cement machinery, stacker reclaimer, submerged arc furnace, cranes, bulk handling equipment and so on. Actively provide users with intelligent value-added services and expand after-service market.
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