The Rake Angle Problem Of Bridge Scrapper Reclaimer
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The Rake Angle Problem Of Bridge Scrapper Reclaimer

In order to serve the customer better, NHI arranges technical personnel to discuss the common problems on the site of stacker reclaimer. The solutions of problem and designing improvement are summarized in the meeting. 
The reclaiming capacity is not enough. The electrical machine would stop sometimes. The principle of reclaiming materials is that rake moves in the surface of materials, which makes the materials tumble layer by layer. In order to realize this function, the rake nail must touch the bottom of materials. If the angle of rake is small, the materials tumbling will have something wrong. At this moment, if the cart continues to move, the rake beam will be covered by materials pile, which would result in a list of problems. The right solution is to increase the angle of rake, making the rake angle larger than material pile angle. 
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