How To Choose Crushing Method Through Material
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How To Choose Crushing Method Through Material

The crushing machine is the essential craft process during the process of manufacturing cement. The advanced and reliable crushing process and equipment matters in cement production. There are five common crushing methods adopted by building materials industry. They depend on the mechanical force. The crushing machine uses the following crushing methods.
                         a─crushing    b─trituration    c─hacking  d─breaking    e─shredding
crushing (figure a) 
The materials are under the slow increasing pressure between two metal plates. When the materials stress reaches crushing strength, the materials would crush, which is used for crushing the hard block materials.      
trituration (figure b) 
The materials do relative move among metal plates or various grinding bodies, under the shear force. When the material stress reaches the ultimate strength, the materials are attrited. This is used for the grinding of patch material. 
hacking (figure c)
The materials are extruded between metallic surface with cuspidal edges and then fissure appears. If the tensile stress reaches tensile breaking points, the materials are hacked. It is used for brittle materials.           
breaking (figure d) 
The materials are broken between metallic surface with beads. The materials have curving. When the stress reaches the transverse modulus of rupture, the materials breaks. It is suitable for breaking brittle materials. 
shredding (figure e)
When the materials suffers the external impact force, the kinetic energy quickly turns to deformation energy of materials.     
If the crushing methods could not be selected properly, the crushing effect would be influenced and the energy consumption will be increased.
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